I don't really think it's a "guy" thing, as it is a certain personality thing. I've noticed that conversation &the ability to talk, discuss, share, and communicate is something sorely lacking in a lot of the people I've been meeting as of late. I'm a lot like you in that I'm not big on meeting immediately because i'm not looking to hook up. In my case, I'm not going to waste my time getting dressed and going somewhere if the person isn't capable of communicating, it's just not worth my time :)

I slightly agree with you that it’s not just a guy thing. It might just be a generational thing because I seriously don’t understand anyone in my age group. lol.
And with how huge the internet and social media has become, it’s like a lot of people just don’t know how to talk to each anymore especially in person. Yeah, if I’m going to make an effort to get dressed up and go meet someone, it’s going to be way more than after two days. Jeez. lol.



if u visit our house you are guaranteed to have an animal on you and get 100% animal cuddles

k wow cutest fam alert


At least Autumn will be the next season. Let’s get this Summer bullshit over with!


Goth Problems: When you become so goth that most outfits don’t feel goth enough. (i.e., bat tights, a black ruffled skirt and button up with lace sleeves and jabot just feel commonplace)